Tarot Hosting

A favorite card of mine is the 3 of cups:

3 of cups

The 3 is all about getting together and it depicts three women holding up their cups (wine glasses most probably!) and having a jolly time.

We are all very social creatures who tend to get on well in groups and the interaction and energy found within groups helps to feed our need for social inclusion.

We at Understandyourselftarot.com recognise that sometimes going for a Tarot/Numerology or Spiritual coaching session can be a bit daunting and so we run Tarot Parties! this is an opportunity for you to host an evening/day or entire weekend to get together with friends or family who all might want a Tarot or Numerology reading, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

We offer different packages, but essentially if you have 4 friends that want a reading why not host a party and get yours for free!!

We recently went to North Devon and stayed at Down Farm near Brayford and Mandie hosted a party, it turned into a bit of a weekend event but the energy and the readings were great for me and helpful to those that came along. It also gave Mandie a great chance to invite her friends over and show off her new kitchen!!

This is what she had to say

……” I had a tarot and full numerology reading done when Dan, Lisa and the girls came to stay in the summer and it was fantastic. The numbers identified me to a T and the cards that I drew for my spread helped me make some decisions that I had kind of been ignoring, it helped me re-focus my attention and efforts on some things. I decided I would host a party as there are lots of friends of mine I thought might like the chance to have a reading. I was right and initially 10 expressed an interest and so Dan came up for the weekend and we had a great time with different folks coming and going throughout the day and evening and whilst I don’t know what happened with the Tarot readings, they all had a great time socialist. I would certainly recommend hosting a party and definitely recommend both a Tarot reading and a Numerology assessment.”

So if you like the sound of hosting a party then get in touch for details through our CONTACTS page