Card of the day

The King of Cups

I always like to think of the court cards in the Tarot as personality types and types of personality! And over the past few weeks in various readings and meditations I’ve done the king of cups keeps popping up… so who is he? And what does he represent?

king of cups

Like all the Kings, the King of Cups represents his suit (cups/emotions) in terms of social responsibility, accomplishment and maturity. Cups represent emotions, and the creative imagination, and to achieve success and maturity he has had to take control and discipline of his emotions. The fish around his neck reminds us of creativity but in this picture the fish is an artificial ornament, and whilst his emotions and creativity are in check and under control, water needs to flow. There is a live fish jumping out of the water, telling us that creative imagination is still alive but it exists behind the throne, at the back of his mind. The throne he is sat on is floating upon quite a rough sea, yet he does not touch the water, an ability to separate from the emotional turmoil of his surroundings.

I liken the King of Cups to an emotionally stable person who is very loving and non-judgemental, who is mature and sees the bigger picture. Able to keep their emotions steady and calm even though there may be choppy waters around them.

… a calm and stable influence offering support, structure and love in a disciplined and responsible way…

In many ways I see this character as that of a loving grandfather or uncle figure, maybe you know a King of Cups character, and sometimes that characteristic is what you need.

One of my favourite parables in the Bible is that of the Prodigal son; check it out in Luke, 15:11-32. The father in that story very much embodies the King of Cups.

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