Santa Claus….!!!

The Festive season is pretty much upon us and I was playing with the cards the other day and out popped the 10 of pentacles:

10 of pentacles                                                                                                10 of pentacles2

What I love about the 10 of Pentacles is the representation it has with tradition, ancestry family and security.

It really represents a physical security, not just in a materialistic way but also in a very real way look how in both pictures the young child is surrounded by ‘family’ and protectors, mans ‘best friend’ the dog(s) is there adding to the security.

Whilst on the surface, the inclusion of a nice established home life (the castle) and secure surroundings is great the people (adults) however look to take that security for granted and with that comes complacency and boredom, yet the young child, especially in the right picture shows a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm and generally loving the whole experience.

What I really love about the version on the right is the young child sitting on the lap of someone who to me really strikes a resemblance to our old friend Santa Claus. The red, white and golden colourings are very symbolic to the festive period; the old grandfather looking fellow does have a big white Santa style beard.

So whilst it’s easy to take our home lives for granted and get a little bored with the same old mundane routine, remember hidden within all that is the ‘magic’ and wonder of something very special. Like the small child look around at what you have and count your blessings, there are plenty of them around you.

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