Our Environment and the Suit of Pentacles

suit of pentacles

What seems like a 1000 years ago I went to the University of Plymouth and got a degree in environmental science, and whilst I loved hiking across Dartmoor National Park, collecting samples from Slapton beach and spending weeks camped out in Algonquin park in Ontario Canada counting deer! The area of Environmental science I kept getting drawn too was the human environment, politics, philosophy, sociology and how the human environment exists and co-exists with the natural environment.

So essentially I’ve always loved the environment in one form or another, I work helping people in different environments and I love filling my free time out in the greater environment. So it comes as no surprise that the suit of pentacles often makes an appearance in my own tarot readings and meditations.

The suit of pentacles is very much about the material world, the physical world and the environment, both the human environment but also the natural world we live in. Whilst some of the other suits are a bit more exciting the pentacles actually keep us grounded and sometimes whilst our heads are in the clouds, or our emotions and creative passions are getting the better of us it’s the earthy element of pentacles that keeps our feet on the ground.

So why is that so important? And what’s the best way of doing it?

It’s important because staying grounded keeps us in the here and now, remember:

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery it’s the now that is our present and it is a present a gift to enjoy and make the most of.

The best way to do that, well its simple really. It’s called having an attitude of gratitude and simply thanking your lucky stars (or whoever) for all the wonderful things around you. The comfy bed you wake up in, the clothes that keep you warm and dry, the lovely people who you love and love you, the work that allows you to pay for the things you really want in life….. the list goes on, but these are all real things that you can touch and feel and express and the all exist in the material world.

So for today look around your environment and enjoy the beauty, the wonder and the magic of it all and everyone and everything that’s in it.

Keep the Smile

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