The High Priestess

high priestess

This is a lovely card to pop up in a reading; it’s all about getting in touch with your inner wisdom, your intuition and your higher self.
Is there a question you’ve got at the moment? The high priestess is encouraging us to take a bit of quiet time to listen to our inner voice and help us get the answers we need.
This card is full of symbolism and as allegorical pictures go there is plenty to talk about.
In the many male dominated religions of the world there is sometimes a perception of harshness, remoteness and being somewhat unapproachable whilst focusing on sin, judgement and punishment. The idea of a high priestess offers the viewer an idea of feminine qualities such as mercy love and compassion.
When the High Priestess turns up it’s an opportunity to look at a situation with some softness about you. Maybe a bit of compassion is called for, and less judgement. Remember we are all souls on our own journey and we can’t always see what is happening at a higher level.
If you would like to know more about the High Priestess or want a reading then get in touch via the CONTACT US page

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