Good Vibrations


Have you ever noticed that you can walk into a room and the atmosphere can be as flat as a pancake? Similarly someone full of the joys of spring can walk into the same room and the whole place comes alive? Why is that….

We all give out an emotional field, and the truth is some days we can be happy and full of joy whilst other days we are down in the dumps for no obvious reason, the good news is that we never stay in one frame of mind for too long, although sometimes it feels that way.

According to physics we are all energy and everything in nature that is energy has a vibration, in the book the secret we are taught about the law of attraction and the noted speaker Bob Proctor tells us that the law of attraction is actually a sub law of the law of vibration, everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency.

The thing about this frequency and the law of vibration is that what you put out there gets reflected back.

The saying goes, like attracts like, and that’s how the law of vibration and the law of attraction works what you put out at your very core level reflects back on you.

Have you noticed that the people who love to moan have lots to moan about and how others seem to have one good piece of fortune after another?

The really great news is that we can determine our vibrations by our thoughts and feelings, the new thought author Wallace Wattles wrote a whole book about thoughts being things and he was sure on the money.

So the next time you get out of bed and stub your toe on the way to the bathroom don’t jump up and down thinking it’s going to be one of those days!! Because it will… instead think what a lovely day and stop to enjoy it then see the rest of the day as brilliant.

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