Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune

This card really symbolises the transitions of life and sums up the idea that nothing stays the same.

The ancient sages of antiquity said quite philosophically

…..”this too shall pass”……

All things both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ will come to pass the important thing to do is cherish the moment, enjoy the experience, adapt to the stimulus, especially the ‘bad’ stuff and then evolve from it.

The writing found around the wheel spell out ROTA, meaning wheel in Latin, in Buddhist tradition we learn that life is a series of re-incarnations along the path to enlightenment, Plato and Pythagoras also proposed this philosophy and with each emanation we evolved along our journey to enlightenment.

The word TARO is also evident meaning Tarot and conveys the idea that the Tarot does show us wisdom through its allegorical nature. The letters also spells TORA which is the law and found in the high priestess card, is this then the law of life, that it is a wheel? Are the ups and downs of life inevitable and everything shall come to pass.

Between the letters are the 4 Hebrew letters that spell the name of God, the Tetragrammaton, again this implies the Divine plan, or “..Thy will be done..”. When Jesus taught his followers how to pray, he highlighted that the divine will/plan is not always obvious to us, but acceptance is key in being able to deal with what is thrown at us.

The number of the card is 10, within the minor arcana the 10 represents the final pip card, and so in a sense 10, represents a completion and a new start.

In numerology we count the 10 as a 1 and a 0, it shows the I am within the cosmic egg, it shows a level of holistic acceptance.

The 4 characters found in the 4 corners are reminiscent of the WORLD card and indicates that the WHEEL OF FORTUNE is also a quincunx. All of these 4 elements, which could be the 4 seasons, the 4 compass points, the 4 elements, the 4 arch angels, the 4 fixed points of the Zodiac, the 4 parts of the human psyche and they make up the 5th element, that is us people.

The message of the wheel, shows us that regardless of our religious, spiritual or philosophical thoughts we experience life as a series of ups and downs, all for our greater evolutionary development, nothing ‘good’ or ‘bad’ lasts forever and whilst we don’t always have control over what life throws at us we can take control of how we respond.

The WHEEL OF FORTUNE advises us to centre ourselves and stay calm and make sensible decisions when the world feels like its spinning out of control.

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