Sticks and stones

With it being the start of a new school year, the subject of bullying and name calling always comes up and I remember the rhyme

 “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me!”

but you know what names and verbal confrontations can be pretty rotten and hurtful!

5 of swords

the 5 of Swords comes from the suit of swords and that relates to the mind and the intellect and whilst the sword itself often depicts truth and justice it does in this case represent the sharpness of the tongue!

We’ve all been the victim or perpetrator of a sharp tongue at one time or another and that is exactly what is going on in this card. There are 3 characters, the one right at the front is the ‘winner’ he holds all the swords (or has them on the floor) and there is a smug look on his face. The person in the middle looks to have just given up and walked away, whilst the character furthest away looks to have been ‘defeated’ and is sobbing into their hands.

Of course the real question is who are we in the picture, the victor, the loser or the one who just gives up? maybe we are all three, Pythagoras the philosopher, who had a love of triangles said that every situation and debate has 3 sides to it, yours, theirs and the side that joins the other 2. That said in this case no one really wins because the winner has lost his two ‘friends’ and you never really win in an argument you only alienate.

So the next time someone lashes at you with their tongue take a second and think, ‘Who do i want to be in this situation?’ the victim, do i want to reply, or do i want to give up…..

Well that’s up to you, and the beauty is you can do all these things at any time….

If you want to know more about the 5 of Swords or have an Understand yourself Tarot or numerology session then get in touch.

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