The Devil and solving the number of the beast


The Devil is not the greatest of cards to get in the Tarot, but it is one of the most helpful.

The Devil card carries a great deal of information for us to work on, the Devil character sits between the man and women holding up his hand in the Vulcan greeting, is he saying “Live long and prosper”, what is that about? The devil is actually holding his hand in a traditional Jewish blessing and recites the phrase ‘may the lord keep you and bless you’ (Numbers 6:24)

So whilst he’s always had a bad rep the Devil actually tricks us into thinking that we cannot get away from him and our bad habits, and that is exactly what this card is about, taking responsibility for our bad habits and owning them, then doing something about them.

If you look at the two people in the card they look quite happy and content even though they are chained up. Look again at the chains, they are not holding them in position, they actually could if they choose take them off and walk away.

There is the challenge, do we carry on doing what the devil encourages us to do or do we change, evolve and adapt? It’s up to you.

The number on the card is 15, which in numerology reduces to (1+5) 6, which is the number of ‘cosmic parent’ and is the vibration of home and family it is about satisfying our base/human needs, the 6 has a ‘full belly’ it quite selfish and struggles with acceptance and therefore blames the Devil rather than accepting its own part to play here the Devil can be seen as actually giving us his blessing in doing what is intrinsically not good for us.

The number of the beast is 666, in numerology we reduce that to a single digit, so 6+6+6 = 18, 1+8 = 9, and 9 is the number of humanity therefore there is a beast in all of us. Again the presence of 6 highlights man’s lower nature.

Again we have the power to take charge and make a change,

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