Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune

This card really symbolises the transitions of life and sums up the idea that nothing stays the same.

The ancient sages of antiquity said quite philosophically

…..”this too shall pass”……

All things both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ will come to pass the important thing to do is cherish the moment, enjoy the experience, adapt to the stimulus, especially the ‘bad’ stuff and then evolve from it.

The writing found around the wheel spell out ROTA, meaning wheel in Latin, in Buddhist tradition we learn that life is a series of re-incarnations along the path to enlightenment, Plato and Pythagoras also proposed this philosophy and with each emanation we evolved along our journey to enlightenment.

The word TARO is also evident meaning Tarot and conveys the idea that the Tarot does show us wisdom through its allegorical nature. The letters also spells TORA which is the law and found in the high priestess card, is this then the law of life, that it is a wheel? Are the ups and downs of life inevitable and everything shall come to pass.

Between the letters are the 4 Hebrew letters that spell the name of God, the Tetragrammaton, again this implies the Divine plan, or “..Thy will be done..”. When Jesus taught his followers how to pray, he highlighted that the divine will/plan is not always obvious to us, but acceptance is key in being able to deal with what is thrown at us.

The number of the card is 10, within the minor arcana the 10 represents the final pip card, and so in a sense 10, represents a completion and a new start.

In numerology we count the 10 as a 1 and a 0, it shows the I am within the cosmic egg, it shows a level of holistic acceptance.

The 4 characters found in the 4 corners are reminiscent of the WORLD card and indicates that the WHEEL OF FORTUNE is also a quincunx. All of these 4 elements, which could be the 4 seasons, the 4 compass points, the 4 elements, the 4 arch angels, the 4 fixed points of the Zodiac, the 4 parts of the human psyche and they make up the 5th element, that is us people.

The message of the wheel, shows us that regardless of our religious, spiritual or philosophical thoughts we experience life as a series of ups and downs, all for our greater evolutionary development, nothing ‘good’ or ‘bad’ lasts forever and whilst we don’t always have control over what life throws at us we can take control of how we respond.

The WHEEL OF FORTUNE advises us to centre ourselves and stay calm and make sensible decisions when the world feels like its spinning out of control.

Good Vibrations


Have you ever noticed that you can walk into a room and the atmosphere can be as flat as a pancake? Similarly someone full of the joys of spring can walk into the same room and the whole place comes alive? Why is that….

We all give out an emotional field, and the truth is some days we can be happy and full of joy whilst other days we are down in the dumps for no obvious reason, the good news is that we never stay in one frame of mind for too long, although sometimes it feels that way.

According to physics we are all energy and everything in nature that is energy has a vibration, in the book the secret we are taught about the law of attraction and the noted speaker Bob Proctor tells us that the law of attraction is actually a sub law of the law of vibration, everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency.

The thing about this frequency and the law of vibration is that what you put out there gets reflected back.

The saying goes, like attracts like, and that’s how the law of vibration and the law of attraction works what you put out at your very core level reflects back on you.

Have you noticed that the people who love to moan have lots to moan about and how others seem to have one good piece of fortune after another?

The really great news is that we can determine our vibrations by our thoughts and feelings, the new thought author Wallace Wattles wrote a whole book about thoughts being things and he was sure on the money.

So the next time you get out of bed and stub your toe on the way to the bathroom don’t jump up and down thinking it’s going to be one of those days!! Because it will… instead think what a lovely day and stop to enjoy it then see the rest of the day as brilliant.


the Moon

This is such a lovely and symbolically rich card which really does paint a thousand words.

Found in the final section of the major arcana, the MOON along with the STAR and the SUN are cards of illumination, the MOON actually sits between the two others, and whilst it is brighter than the STAR it does not offer as much clarity as the SUN.

The number on the MOON card is XVIII (18) which in numerology gives 1 + 8 = 9, 9 is the number of integrity and wisdom so when the MOON is pulled out it is often a time to put ourselves under the spot light and to look at our integrity and how this can lead to a level of wisdom. Remember wisdom is knowledge with experience, what are those two factors telling us.

So how do I do that? I always like to firstly look at who is on the card and what are they doing, if we start at the bottom of the card we have this funny looking crayfish/lobster creature climbing out of a pool of water! Now the water represents the sub-conscious, this is not the same as the un-conscious but rather something we have taken from our conscious mind and suppressed, so the crayfish represents something in our sub-conscious that has come to the surface. If we ignore it, it will sink back into our sub-conscious self until next time.

The next thing I notice are the two very central characters, the dog and the wolf, classically these are often viewed as two opposing factors that under the moon are united in their attention to it and their inability to do anything about it, I often feel however that they are a little more involved, throughout the Tarot there are several pictures of people with a dog, the FOOL card shows a young ‘fool’ with his best friend and in the 10 of pentacles there is a very family orientated scene that also shows a dog. I see the dog here again and the wolf I see as a werewolf, a human when the sun is out, but when they are exposed to the moon they turn into a wolf. We all have a more animalistic side to ourselves and our friend the dog is always there to help us control that side. But are we the wolf or dog?

At the two edges of the card we can see two TOWERS, they offer a ‘man-made’ structure and setting to the scene and often they show structure and stability whilst hinting at the ‘man-made’ nature of our story, whilst the card offers us the chance to bring some illumination to some factor hidden within our psyche it is unlikely to effect the structure of our material world.

At the top of the card sits the MOON itself, split into three parts of the lunar cycle the face within the moon looks slightly serene, serious and has a closed eye, so it actually doesn’t see a great deal. Coming off of the moon are strands of light and small dots, these dots are actually Yods, which is the first letter of God in the Tretragrammaton, and when there are two Yods linked together the spell Lord. This part of the card shows us there is a divine presence at work.

What this card does quite nicely is link the three parts of our psyche together, the lower sub-conscious aspect with the conscious mind and then the higher-super/ un-conscious mind.

Maybe the illumination of the MOON draws from our sub-conscious something we have suppressed, and if the two sides of our conscious self were to turn and confront it could be conquered. Then we could enjoy the radiance of that super un-conscious realm without that niggling feeling at the back of our mind.

So for today, shine a bit of light onto the pool of your sub-conscious and see if there is anything that needs some attention.

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What is a Tarot Trump


One might think of the term trump as it applies to a card game, where by one card (or suit of cards) is elevated to a higher rank than the others and is able to beat or trump the other cards of a hand.

The English word trump is derived from the original Italian word trionfi meaning triumphs. A triumph was a type of popular parade in the Renaissance in which each character triumphs over or trumps the one before.

Artists of the Renaissance often made use of the triumph as a metaphorical structure for mystical allegories in which virtues trumped vices and the final victor was an image of the highest mystical truth, and the Tarot trumps would seem to be an example of that.

The Tarot is a set of cards believed to have evolved from a card game, a game that is similar to the modern game of bridge.

There are two halves to the Tarot, one half is known as the minor arcana, consisting of 56 cards split into 4 suits. The other half consists of the 22 cards of the major arcana that are known as the trump cards, these look to depict a parade of illustrated cards each bearing a mysterious symbolic language.

These cards all express an allegorical message within them, and whilst there is much mystery and misconceptions about the original conception of these cards it is clear that each picture does indeed paint a thousand words.

The Tarot has been termed as the Fools journey as we follow the Fool through the journey of the Tarot, which represents the journey through life.

When looked in order these cards of the major arcana, the unnumbered fool and the 21 trumps depict a mystical allegory, an allegorical parade of enigmatic images each one triumphing or trumping its predecessor.

The journey of the Fool can be compared to our own journey through life where by one experience gets trumped by another and once we have learnt/remembered and/or grasped what we need to from one trump we are able to progress to the next.

In our day to day lives there are always little challenges and pleasures we encounter, from a grumpy co-worker to a happy go lucky coffee barista, our lives are full of interactions and relationships, routines and habits. Without fail though we all experience big events that cause us to shift our attention and way of thinking and all our attention and focus and energy get moved over to that event, a death for example suddenly puts all the small stuff in to perspective. Similarly meeting a lover changes our focus, in essence this big event ‘trumps’ our day to day routine.

In the Tarot, a  trump it would seem is a card that shows us the big archetypal events of our journey through life that helps us to evolve emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and progress along our path of personal evolution to enlightenment.

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The High Priestess

high priestess

This is a lovely card to pop up in a reading; it’s all about getting in touch with your inner wisdom, your intuition and your higher self.
Is there a question you’ve got at the moment? The high priestess is encouraging us to take a bit of quiet time to listen to our inner voice and help us get the answers we need.
This card is full of symbolism and as allegorical pictures go there is plenty to talk about.
In the many male dominated religions of the world there is sometimes a perception of harshness, remoteness and being somewhat unapproachable whilst focusing on sin, judgement and punishment. The idea of a high priestess offers the viewer an idea of feminine qualities such as mercy love and compassion.
When the High Priestess turns up it’s an opportunity to look at a situation with some softness about you. Maybe a bit of compassion is called for, and less judgement. Remember we are all souls on our own journey and we can’t always see what is happening at a higher level.
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Our Environment and the Suit of Pentacles

suit of pentacles

What seems like a 1000 years ago I went to the University of Plymouth and got a degree in environmental science, and whilst I loved hiking across Dartmoor National Park, collecting samples from Slapton beach and spending weeks camped out in Algonquin park in Ontario Canada counting deer! The area of Environmental science I kept getting drawn too was the human environment, politics, philosophy, sociology and how the human environment exists and co-exists with the natural environment.

So essentially I’ve always loved the environment in one form or another, I work helping people in different environments and I love filling my free time out in the greater environment. So it comes as no surprise that the suit of pentacles often makes an appearance in my own tarot readings and meditations.

The suit of pentacles is very much about the material world, the physical world and the environment, both the human environment but also the natural world we live in. Whilst some of the other suits are a bit more exciting the pentacles actually keep us grounded and sometimes whilst our heads are in the clouds, or our emotions and creative passions are getting the better of us it’s the earthy element of pentacles that keeps our feet on the ground.

So why is that so important? And what’s the best way of doing it?

It’s important because staying grounded keeps us in the here and now, remember:

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery it’s the now that is our present and it is a present a gift to enjoy and make the most of.

The best way to do that, well its simple really. It’s called having an attitude of gratitude and simply thanking your lucky stars (or whoever) for all the wonderful things around you. The comfy bed you wake up in, the clothes that keep you warm and dry, the lovely people who you love and love you, the work that allows you to pay for the things you really want in life….. the list goes on, but these are all real things that you can touch and feel and express and the all exist in the material world.

So for today look around your environment and enjoy the beauty, the wonder and the magic of it all and everyone and everything that’s in it.

Keep the Smile

Santa Claus….!!!

The Festive season is pretty much upon us and I was playing with the cards the other day and out popped the 10 of pentacles:

10 of pentacles                                                                                                10 of pentacles2

What I love about the 10 of Pentacles is the representation it has with tradition, ancestry family and security.

It really represents a physical security, not just in a materialistic way but also in a very real way look how in both pictures the young child is surrounded by ‘family’ and protectors, mans ‘best friend’ the dog(s) is there adding to the security.

Whilst on the surface, the inclusion of a nice established home life (the castle) and secure surroundings is great the people (adults) however look to take that security for granted and with that comes complacency and boredom, yet the young child, especially in the right picture shows a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm and generally loving the whole experience.

What I really love about the version on the right is the young child sitting on the lap of someone who to me really strikes a resemblance to our old friend Santa Claus. The red, white and golden colourings are very symbolic to the festive period; the old grandfather looking fellow does have a big white Santa style beard.

So whilst it’s easy to take our home lives for granted and get a little bored with the same old mundane routine, remember hidden within all that is the ‘magic’ and wonder of something very special. Like the small child look around at what you have and count your blessings, there are plenty of them around you.

Card of the day

The King of Cups

I always like to think of the court cards in the Tarot as personality types and types of personality! And over the past few weeks in various readings and meditations I’ve done the king of cups keeps popping up… so who is he? And what does he represent?

king of cups

Like all the Kings, the King of Cups represents his suit (cups/emotions) in terms of social responsibility, accomplishment and maturity. Cups represent emotions, and the creative imagination, and to achieve success and maturity he has had to take control and discipline of his emotions. The fish around his neck reminds us of creativity but in this picture the fish is an artificial ornament, and whilst his emotions and creativity are in check and under control, water needs to flow. There is a live fish jumping out of the water, telling us that creative imagination is still alive but it exists behind the throne, at the back of his mind. The throne he is sat on is floating upon quite a rough sea, yet he does not touch the water, an ability to separate from the emotional turmoil of his surroundings.

I liken the King of Cups to an emotionally stable person who is very loving and non-judgemental, who is mature and sees the bigger picture. Able to keep their emotions steady and calm even though there may be choppy waters around them.

… a calm and stable influence offering support, structure and love in a disciplined and responsible way…

In many ways I see this character as that of a loving grandfather or uncle figure, maybe you know a King of Cups character, and sometimes that characteristic is what you need.

One of my favourite parables in the Bible is that of the Prodigal son; check it out in Luke, 15:11-32. The father in that story very much embodies the King of Cups.